How to Get Reviews on Amazon

Here’s a detailed guide that will skyrocket the Amazon reviews that you can get the right way.

Reviews always play a very significant role whether you’re a Kickstarter or you’re an experienced seller. The more reviews you get, the better the competitive edge you will have in the vast Amazon market.

Amateur or veteran, this guide will give you all the edges you need to organically increase your product ranking & reviews by targeting your review count.

Importance of Amazon Reviews:

Reviews can be a bit tricky for newbies. It’s not always that Quality or Quantity tops the other.

Here’s what I mean:

Consider the two below products, the products have nearly the same price, but a customer’s mind will scream asking him to buy the product with the higher review count. That’s how human psychology works. Most people are doing it, so why not me? They’re probably right, aren’t they?

That’s how important reviews can influence human behaviour. They feel safe and secure, and they know they’re making the right choice. Thus, you, as a seller will get a higher click-through rate and thereby a substantial increase in the percentage of reviews you can get.

On average, it is accepted that you can acquire 2% reviews for every 100 customers. Following the below strategies can lift your acquired reviews by quite a bit.

What else influences the reviews?

As a seller, it’s mandatory to ensure that your products are highly ranked and have a high visibility rate on Amazon. Without a solid review base, you’ll never be on the first page. And owing to this, your product might not be visible to your customers and the conversion might never happen.

Not to mention having Amazon tags like “Amazon Choice” or “Best Seller” with a proper registered Brand on Amazon has its own added perks.

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of reviews. I’ll walk you through the various ways an Amazon Seller can collect reviews.

Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program

For the newbies, let me quickly explain this in a nutshell. Amazon encourages verified customers (actual customers who purchased from the seller) to share their legitimate reviews in exchange for a small token reward of $1-3 from Amazon.

This is the perfect way to get your very first reviews just for a fee of $60 to participate in the program. Do note that your product should have a registered brand, should be over $15 and your current reviews should not be greater than 5. This is a quick way to get a quick heads up on your new products and be a solid competitor to the rest.

The Don’ts – Avoid these!

This is 2022 and not 2016!

A quick wake-up call to everyone: Amazon banned incentivized over lack of impartiality.

This was mainly caused due to the fact that sellers started giving products to customers free in exchange for a positive review, but Amazon is tracking down and taking action against these parties as product reviews play a major role in the revenue of the seller. Amazon’s policies have changed since then, its best to stick to natural and opt amazon reviewer program, setup automated review request mail to buyers.


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