How to Create a Modeling Portfolio

A professional model’s portfolio includes several types of shots that help potential clients see their type, merits, and ability to portray emotions. Despite the fact that a quality portfolio is replenished throughout a model’s career, initially, just a few types of photos are enough.


This type of photo is intended to show the model’s true appearance without makeup. The background for snaps is predominantly monochrome, and the light is set to be as soft as possible. There are basic angles for creating snaps for both close-ups and full-length images. In the first case, it’s full-face and profile; in the second – full-face, profile from both sides, and back. Close-up images should be presented in two versions: without a smile and with a smile. Only underwear is worn for such a shoot, hair is pulled back. The shots made are preferably not retouched. It is acceptable not to use a professional photographer to create snapshots.


In the world of fashion, girls and guys who can easily transform into the required characters are valued. To create the required atmosphere, a soft or contrasting light is set. Model tests are most often performed in black and white. Such photos clearly show the model’s ability to pose and portray the desired image.

Regular form-fitting clothing with a minimum number of details will do for creating tests. Light makeup is permissible. Quality model tests include a minimum of 3 looks.

The first two categories are enough to send a resume to a modeling agency. But to demonstrate a model’s ability to work in conditions close to real ones, the portfolio can be supplemented with beauty and fashion images.


Such types of shots are of great importance for future models. Beauty shooting is necessary for advertising cosmetics and jewelry.

Fashion shooting shows agencies the model’s ability to advertise clothing and other attributes of the fashion industry. These are the shots that are published on the pages of fashion magazines and these are the ones clients are ready to pay well for.

It is important to wisely choose the location for such a shoot. For example, on the website, a boat photoshoot is available to everyone. It would be a great location option for a fashionable portfolio.

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