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Are you tired of bad servers, unreliable service and ridiculous pricing? Spain VPS Server offers high quality, reliable hosting services at an affordable price. With our custom packages, you can choose your own RAM, disk space and bandwidth to get the best package for your needs. And with our 99% uptime guarantee, you’ll always have access to your online store or forum when you need it most! Start today with Spain VPS Server – Your Best Choice for Quality and affordability! 

Why choose Spain VPS Server from Onlive Server?

Take Spain VPS Server from Onlive Server which is best for user’s business. This server location is ideal because it is both highly reliable as well as cost effective. When you choose a shared hosting service, you are sharing your resources with hundreds of other clients who are also hosted on that server; by choosing a Virtual Private Server (VPS), you only share resources with one or two other clients which mean your resources can be focused to suit your specific needs. What’s more, unlike shared hosting where upgrading from one package to another isn’t easy at all, Spain VPS Server allows you to upgrade as much as needed simply by paying for any changes.

How do I use my disk space?

The disk space is one of your key resources; you should aim to use it as efficiently as possible. The number one thing that users overlook is just how much their storage space actually costs them. It’s important to know whether you’re getting a fixed amount or have unlimited disk space. If it is unlimited, does it have any restrictions? Any data transfer limits? If your plan has a limit, you need to consider whether any plans without a limit are worth switching to. For example, if you don’t care about data transfers but want more storage space, there might be cheaper deals available with larger amounts of disk space but with no restrictions on data transfers.

Benefits of Spain VPS Server

  1. Spain VPS Server is your best choice for quality, because it allows you to have an entire operating system dedicated to your business or website.
  2. Spain VPS Server is your best choice for affordability, because it gives you access to powerful resources at an incredible price with no hidden fees.

Spain VPS Server is your best choice in terms of control, because when you run a virtual private server, you do not need to worry about being charged excessive overage fees on bandwidth usage as can happen with shared hosting solutions which will allow unlimited sharing of files as long as they aren’t damaging to other users or their websites.

How much bandwidth can I expect?

When you start working with a new host, it’s always important to find out how much bandwidth they’re willing to provide, especially if you plan on having some web traffic. If your site becomes popular (which is what we all hope!) it can become expensive very quickly, so knowing in advance is extremely helpful. But before we get into that question – what does bandwidth mean? Bandwidth refers to how much information can be transferred from one point to another over a period of time. On internet hosting sites like ours, our business is transferring information from your website to your visitor’s computers (and visa versa) which means we need a lot of bandwidth!

What is an IPv4 address?

Before we dive into Spain VPS Server, let’s talk about Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses. It is important to understand what they are before you start using them. Simply put, IPv4 is a system of uniquely identifying every computer on a network. Without it, computers wouldn’t be able to send each other data because they wouldn’t know where it should go. IPv4 does exactly that, making sure that no data gets lost in transit. How does it do that? Could I install custom software on my virtual private server?All of our virtual private servers come with full root access, so you can install any software you want to run. Many people use them as simple hosts for their personal or business websites, but others have other applications in mind. They’re perfect for hosting multiple email accounts, or even for setting up your own private cloud. If there’s something special you need to run on your Spain VPS server, please feel free to ask us about it in advance! We’ll be happy to help put together a custom solution that fits your needs exactly.


Spain VPS Server is your best choice because they guarantee high quality and affordable 24/7 service. Spain VPS Server is one of top vps providers in Europe. They offer simple yet powerful control panel, automatic cloud backups, free ip change, free setup and many more features which will meet all your needs. You can also avail dedicated servers with low cost starting at $20 only per month including setup fee but without any technical support at all. So when you want to move away from shared hosting, then go with Spain VPS Server because you get what you pay for.

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